About Play Like a PT

WHO Am I? 

My name is Angela Hegedus and I am a first time mama to a little boy named Crosby. I am a practicing Doctor of Physical Therapy who specializes in pediatrics, working with children of various ages for the past 5 years. 

How was PLay like a PT Created?

I LOVE taking videos and pictures of my baby boy (I mean, who doesn't?). One day I realized that I had been taking videos of his development, activities, and play skills without even realizing it. These videos have made an easily-accessible archive that I can use to make fun and informational videos for others.  I decided I wanted to share my knowledge as a therapist while also incorporating our everyday life into  REALISTIC videos and other resources that can help other parents and create a community of support. 

What is the Purpose of Play like a PT? 

Life is busy especially with kids. My hope is that Play like a PT creates a community of parents on social media to also share their easy and realistic everyday play and activity ideas. I find on social media, there are many communities that have varying thoughts regarding play and it can often feel like we are not doing enough or the wrong thing with our kiddos (I feel this way even as a PT!). I want this to be a judgement-free zone for all parenting styles/types and to show easy ways to play with our kiddos. 

While I am able to share my knowledge as a pediatric PT, I am definitely just trying to figure it out as a first time working mama and would love to connect with others who know just as much if not more than me.  While I will share milestones and more factual information, I want parents to remember that all children develop at their own pace and in their own time. Please follow us on Instagram (@PlaylikeaPT) to join our community!